Going on Vacation Abroad


Don’t we all like a bit of vacation? Yeah we do. We deserve it after a full year of working our ass off for an employer. I always prepare my trips abroad carefully, which I’ll explain in full detail below. However this year I wanted a summer vacation somewhere hot, but with a lot of culture and history.  So what better place to visit ancient Greece?

Also I don’t like to gain from people in need. But the fact that Greece is in an economic crisis makes going there a lot cheaper for me. Booking accomodations or eating out. All prices have dropped since the crisis in 2009.

Also I have a love for history and let Greece be one of the most historic places in the world. Ancient temples are spread over the mainland and even Greek islands. For those who don’t know this country: shame on you!

Preparing my vacation

greek mapBefore going on a vacation I do some research about what I can visit there.

I looked up Greece on the internet and got loads of interesting facts about it. I decided to visit the mainland first for a week and then go from one island to another by boat. I estimated that this last part would take me around 2 weeks if I wanted to visit everything I would like. So this is a list of what I would visit:

  • The Greek mainland: I decided that I needed to see the Greek capital Athens. I think it’s normal when you visit a country, you also visit the capital. I wanted to visit the Acropolis and more specifically the Parthenon which is one of the most famous monument in Greek history.
  • The Greek Islands: A couple of them I picked about to visit such as Crete, Santorini, Amorgos, Delos and Mykonos.

Another thing I do when visiting a foreign country is learn the language. So in this case I bought an online course to learn some modern Greek. However this was a bit more difficult than anticipated due to the forgeigh alphabet. We use latin characters, but Greek letters are totally different. So I first had to learn the Greek alphabet and how they are pronounced.

Greece at its best

parthenonMy travel to Greece was the best idea I ever had. I didn’t yet mention the weather, but it was fantastic. I didn’t have one day of bad weather during those 3 weeks in Greece. I saw a lot of historic ruins. In my first week I explored Athens while visiting the Acropolis.

In my second week I took the ferry and my first stop was Crete where I stayed for 2 days and visited the Palace of Knossos. You know the palace where in the myths the Minotaur stayed. After those first 2 days on a Greek island I took the ferry again and went to Santorini. Typical to this island are the white houses with a blue roof. I visited the island capital Fyra here. The next stop was Amorgos. A bit unknown but worth it. If you like nature and clear water then Amorgos is your island. Also I saw a monastery here which was carved into a cliff.

The last stop was Mykonos and Delos. I actually didn’t want to visit Mykonos, but it was closest to Delos. You can’t stay on this last one, only visit it twice a day by boat. Here you have a vast amount of ruins and also a big museum about ancience Greece. As you see, it was a culturally loaded trip.

I was positively surprised that a lot of Greeks speak English. I didn’t expect that. And the food was really fenomenal. So in short I can conclude that my trip was one to never forget!

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