My New Gadget: The Google Chromecast


Maybe you have heard about it already, maybe not. But since some time now Google has brought a fancy new gadget in the market called the Google Chromecast. It’s not their first time they made hardware.

Remember the Google Nexus or Google Glass? Well this is another gadget you should have. At least if you are into tehnology gadgets.

Why you should have it

ChromecastFirst of all: it’s made by Google. This means that it’s already a gadget which would be nice to have for the brand itself. With the chromecast you have the possibility to “cast” you chrometab to your tv. That is what it actually does. This means every webpage you visit on the internet becomes available on your television. Isn’t this great? No longer you need to buy a bigger computer screen or purchase a smart tv.

Just plug in the chromecast in a free HDMI slot and let it do it’s magic.

Why you should not buy it

Are there some reasons why you should not buy it? Yes there are unfortunately. We will give a couple of reasons below:

  • Your television needs to have a free HDMI slot. If not, you can’t plug in the Google Chromecast.
  • You have already a smart tv. In that case you can already browse the internet without any additional hardware needed.
  • There is too much lag between the device from which you cast and your television. This is due to the signal strength of your network. I don’t think you can do much about it except placing some wifi enhancers.
  • You need a wireless network. The chromecast needs to connect to your wireless network so that it can receive the data and broadcast it on your television.
  • It doesn’t work on certain television systems. It seems that something goes wrong with certain brands of televisions. Lately a lot of people with a Sony Bravia television are encountering problems. It seems the chromecast did work initially, but afterwards it didn’t anymore. This would be due to a firmware update of the Google chromecast.

How does it work

You can order it online and some days later you’ll receive a box with your chromecast and a usb adapter. Yes your chromecast will need a power source. But before this choose a free HDMI slot on your television. On my televsion I have 4. Once you’ve plugged it in then power it up. Change your television to this HDMI channel and you’ll see your chromecast appear. Make sure that the device you’ll be using to cast is connected to the same wireless network as your chromecast is.

To configure your chromecast properly you’ll need to download the chromecast app onto the device you will be broadcasting from. You’ll be able to following this installation process on your tv.

Once the installation has finished you’ll be able to use the chromecast for the first time. There are a lot of apps that work with the chromecast so far and more will come for sure. You have the youtube app, netflix app, videostream app and many more. The last one makes it possible to cast movies from your laptop or desktop harddrive to your television. For me the top 3 uses of the chromecast are:

  • Play movies from my harddisk on my television with videostream
  • Watch youtube movies on my bigger television screen
  • Watch netflix series and movies

OW yes there is also the possibility to just cast your full laptop, desktop screen but it’s still in the experimental phase.

How much does it cost

It only costs around 35$. So it’s rather cheap for the functionality it brings.

Chromecast alternative

chromecast vs roku stickThere is an alternative to the Chromecast which is called the Roku Stick. It gives you access to a lot of free, subcription and rental channel. It’s worth looking into. It has the ability to search for movies and series accross multiple channels. The price is a litte bit higher. Other more expensive alternatives are apple tv and fire tv. You can find a full comparison here.


The chromecast does what it’s expected to do : Casting your chrometab to your television screen. If you don’t want to pay much for such a device and you like to stream youtube content, watch netflix or you local pc videos on a bigger screen then this stick is your best choice.
If you really like to watch some television channels then you might be better of with another alternative.

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