Some Tie Problems At a Wedding

wedding rings

My friend Joey is one of my best friends. However we’re both geeks by nature and many women will agree we don’t have any taste for clothes. Or at least not a good taste according to them. But yeah what’s a good taste? ;)

Why he needed to look so fine? Because Joey was getting married. And as we all know at your wedding you should look at your best.

Where did they meet

wedding ringsMy friend Joey was getting married to Kimberly. A fine woman who really uderstands him which is very important. To be honest Joey talks more about bits and bytes than about things that most people talk. Informatics and technology are his life (just as is the case with me) and there’s nothing to do about it. But Kimberly succeeds in talking in his language. Maybe it’s do to the fact she has a small online background and grew up with 2 brothers who like 2 play a lot of games. Fact is that they are a perfect match.

They met actually at an event for geeks: a board game event. Well it was actually more than that. But they met in that part of the building where you could try out new board games and afterwards by one if you like. They liked this board game and I think she bought it and told him that if he wanted to he could come play it once (because she needed players of course). And that’s how it all began. Today 7 years later they got married.:)

Why a Tie

The title is a bit unclear. But when people get married they need to look superb. And in our jobs, me and joey we wear shirts, but never a costume. So first we had to go shop around. Luckily we found some shops on yelp in the neighbourhood.

A lot of people these days wear costumes without ties. However on a wedding you can’t go without a tie. That is why me and Joey needed to buy a matching tie with our costume. We never tied a tie so it was time to learn it. A bit overdue at our age, but better late than never.

Is a tie really necessary with a costume? That was the question that me and Joey asked ourselves but to be honest I think we all agree that it’s a necessary custom. If you are the groom then you should look more classy than other people at the party. If not you haven’t done a good job in looking good on your special day.

Learning to tie in a couple of minutes

We didn’t know there were so many different kinds of tie knots to choose from. But it seems there are a lot. We picked one of the most common knots: The full windsor knot. It wasn’t the easiest one. But it’s a classic and for a wedding it’s the ideal one.

We learned it by practicing it over and over by watching the following youtube video:

How was the wedding

The wedding was great. The ceremony was beautiful. And both Joey and Kimberly looked fantastic and happy.I wish them all the best!

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