refreshingA little bit of History first

Refresh was an initiative in 2006 to bring like-minded IT people together. It was a conference about webstandards where developers and designers met. The promotion of standards on the internet was a hot topic at the time and should continue to be an important topic.

What refresh is about today

Today a bunch of us like-minded people continue to use the site to just spill our guts into society. Things like traveling abroad, discussing politics and new technologies are hot topics for us. These are topics worth discussing about and spreading our view about it to others. And what better way is there than using an online space like a blog with the potential of reaching a massive amount of people. So that’s why we as a group will use this site to give you our view on society.

We will try to give “refreshing” ideas on this website about different topics we like. You can expect a very broad range of topics.

Who are we?

Who are we? We’ll we’re with 4 people in our group: Dave, Mick, Joey and Francis. We also went to the conference in 2006. It’s there that me and Francis met Dave and Mick. We had similar interest and thoughts about the online world so we kept in touch. So for us this blog is something refreshing because it reminds us how we met and became such good friends.

This was a little bit of who we are and why this blog came to life and what you can expect from us in the future.

You’re welcome to our website and we hope you’ll enjoy your stay!