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Going on Vacation Abroad


Don’t we all like a bit of vacation? Yeah we do. We deserve it after a full year of working our ass off for an employer. I always prepare my trips abroad carefully, which I’ll explain in full detail below. However this year I wanted a summer vacation somewhere hot, but with a lot of culture and history.  So what better place to visit ancient Greece?

Also I don’t like to gain from people in need. But the fact that Greece is in an economic crisis makes going there a lot cheaper for me. Booking accomodations or eating out. All prices have dropped since the crisis in 2009.

Also I have a love for history and let Greece be one of the most historic places in the world. Ancient temples are spread over the mainland and even Greek islands. For those who don’t know this country: shame on you! (more…)

My New Gadget: The Google Chromecast


Maybe you have heard about it already, maybe not. But since some time now Google has brought a fancy new gadget in the market called the Google Chromecast. It’s not their first time they made hardware.

Remember the Google Nexus or Google Glass? Well this is another gadget you should have. At least if you are into tehnology gadgets. (more…)

Some Tie Problems At a Wedding

wedding rings

My friend Joey is one of my best friends. However we’re both geeks by nature and many women will agree we don’t have any taste for clothes. Or at least not a good taste according to them. But yeah what’s a good taste? ;)

Why he needed to look so fine? Because Joey was getting married. And as we all know at your wedding you should look at your best. (more…)